Monday, August 10, 2009


From tester

If you read my last post you'll know that we were consolidated in Senegal to allow the Washington, DC Security team time to evaluate Mauritania. Today we found out that due to very real threats to the safety of Westerners in the country, we are suspending the Peace Corps Mauritania Program. It has nothing to do with Muslims. Nothing to do with Mauritanians. Nothing to do with the villages we know and love. This is a result of outside influences working in Mauritania, slowly but surely chipping away at some of the naturally loving, united, giving social structure, thus necessitating our removal. Hopefully this is only a temporary removal of the Peace Corps Program.

Every one of us were totally still inside and out as the acting Peace corps Director told us the news, and most of us teared up as we immediately thought of villages, work, families and best friends left behind in our Mauritanian homes. In any case, the 51 of us that have stuck it out to the very last day are grateful for every minute of it. Alhamdoulilahi!


C Nishi said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog this past year, and best of wishes to you as you start now a new chapter.
assalaam alaikum,
Cynthia aka Kat's mom

victoria.magyar said...

Wow Michele. Good for you for staying as long as you did.

And on a selfish note, you should try to stop in Chicago on your way home...or like, you know, sometime after you get home :)

Megan said...

Hey Michele,

So does this mean you're heading home? Do you get a new assignment? Should I stop sending LOVE letters??

I truly admire you determination and strength throughout this adventure.


Bruce in Ensenada said...

Missed your family as they were driving south to Mulege last week but I spoke with Juan M. and he said you were returning home this Saturday, August 22nd!! True?